Monday, September 3, 2012

Clint & Savannah August 18. 2012

As yet, no one has posted or shared any pictures of the actual ceremony or pictures of the bride and groom at the altar. As soon as those are available, I will post them too.
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The church was the same one the bride's parents were married in 24 years ago.

Savannah Daily

Clint Walker

Kaitlin, blonde in back, is the groom's sister; Madison, on the right is the bride's sister.

Beautiful girls

Flower girls: my niece, Josie and Payten

The groom and his siblings, Kaitlin, Miranda and Chella

My brother, James: best man and father of the groom

Chella, wedding planner, groom's sister
James and my son, Matt

Chella and her son, Judson

Josie in her dad, Chad's lap, Kaitlin and Chella and me in the back

Rhonda, mother of the groom and my SIL

Key Lime cake!

Apple juice, I'm sure... Baptist church you know!

Groom's Deer hunting table!

Mom made homemade German chocolate cake

That is creamed potatoes with all the fixing on this end! LOADED

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