Monday, September 3, 2012

Clint & Savannah: Going to the Chapel

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Rehearsal: Groom and sister, Chella who was the wedding planner.

The groom has arrived!
Best man being dressed

I guess, you have to have your mouth right!

Rhonda, Clint, James

Clint and his mom

This looks like a scene from Men in Black!
The groom and his dad and best man.

Nice picture of the groom's mom, Rhonda

The flower girls getting pedicures and manicures early Saturday morning.

The flower girls waiting to get ready.

Grandma tying the bow

The bride, her sister and mother.

So cute; Mr. & Mrs. flops

Mother of the Bride. This pic makes me tear up everytime.

She did not want any photos deleted!! LOL

They are R-E-A-D-Y!

The groom escorting his mom to her seat.

The preacher leading the groom and best man.
A side note about the preacher: he was my dad's preacher and loved my dad. He officiated my dad's funeral. He deer hunts with the groom and best man. When performing the wedding ceremony, he got all choked up and teary too...

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